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Our Team

About Matthew :

Pharmacist Matthew Shola Ogunmodede got a Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharm) 1984 - 1988. He knocked on several corporate doors in his quest for stability in his chosen profession.
He is a Pharmacist with several years of experience in Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations and has attended several leadership programmes and trainings.

Matthew is a coach and mentor on leadership and sustainable development, focusing on team building and leadership in small to medium sized businesses and individuals.
He is our Pharmacist Consultant for all our Pharmaceutical and Medical products on our Import and Export services.

Business Experience :

  • Superintendent Pharmacist - Cash Hold Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited
  • Superintendent Pharmacist - Austin Ladeco Pharmaceutical Limited
  • Superintendent Pharmacist - Synako Pharmaceutical Limited
  • Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services - Health Management Board, Ondo State, Nigeria